How this site got its looks

This site is a result of collaborative effort of Dr. Raj Mehta and two young men, Mr. Peter Doshi (17 year old) of Philadelphia, PA and Mr. Malav Ravel (20 year old) of Bombay. Peter designed the navigational aids for the pages. Malav did the HTML coding. Design of the site was done mainly by Dr. Raj Mehta

The final site is of as professional quality as most site of this nature. Seeing the work of these two young men, Dr. Mehta is convinced that for designing and execution of any job one does not necessarily need professionals, but people who are interested in doing the best possible job.

Another unique aspect of this site is that some of the design work happened in true Internet style. Namely, the designing of the navigational aids was a collaborative effort over the Net between the author and the designer in the USA. Over about a week, several days a week two of them would spend about 2 hrs viewing and critiquing the design of the pages over the Net. This underscores the enormous power of the Internet for collaborative work

Peter Doshi   Malav Ravel
Age: 17, Freshman at Villanova University, Pennsylvania, USA

Home: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Started at the Internet when he was 14.

Schooling: Started high school in America and completed it at Mayo College, Ajmer, Rajasthan, India. (4/97)

Hobbies/Interests: Mathematics, Metaphysics, Philosophy, Computers, Hindi, German, Alchemy.
  Age: 20 yrs. Currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in telecommunications under Bombay University.
Email address:

Besides regular college he is involved in designing web pages. He has assisted Dr. Raj Mehta (who has also written the manual for VSNL users in India) in site design for the "The Prince of Wales Museum of Western India". Currently he is also doing Javascript programming and a bit of page design for Dr. Mehta's VSNL Guide book site.

He finished his schooling at the Jamnabai Narsee School, then was a student at The Mithibai College (science). Right now he is doing a degree course in telecommunications at the Terna Engineering College at Nerul. He hopes to continue designing pages along with his regular studies.

Hobbies: Computers, Internet, Tennis, Debate, Basketball.

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