by Shri Sadashiv Gorakshkar
Shiva Gana The Lecture on " Yaksha" deals with a cult that has pervaded the Indian sub-continent for more than 4000 years. Like the eternal Brahman it has no beginning nor an end. The survey will also demonstrate the ambivalence of this otherwise faceless cult as being simultaneously benevolent and malevolent.

The lecture will also highlight the Sectarian conflict, wherein one sect designates the deity of another as a Yaksha e.g. the Brahmanic divinity Vishnu is mentioned as a Yaksha in a Buddhist text.

The lecture will thus bring into focus how this cult with its strong folk-base since the Pre-Vedic period and a strong contender for theistic hierarchy could not be eliminated by Brahmanic Buddhist or Jain theologies but had to be assimilated with a strong conceptual and visual ramification.  Gomukha Yaksha
The lecture will try to enquire into the reasons why after manifesting into a powerful and monumental imagery during the 3rd cent. B.C. it is demoted to unimpressive iconographic form within a span of two centuries to survive even today only as a folk deity in an aniconic form.

(To be published)

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