Hardest Colleges To Get Into


There are literally thousands of Colleges around the country. Some are easier to get into than others. Are the harder colleges worth getting into? or is it just as beneficial to try and get into another school?

The hardest colleges to get into in the USA are Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Princeton University, Harvard College, Brown University, Yale University, Stanford University, California Institute of technology, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania (Penn) and Washington University in St Louis. These names are familiar; they are the most popular colleges in the USA. The funny thing is that most students dream of studying in these schools. I once had this dream of studying in Harvard College; unfortunately my dream did not turn into a reality. This is not to mean that it is impossible to go to the hardest colleges to get into. My younger sister made it to one of these hardest colleges to get into. Your son, daughter or even you could get into these colleges. Read through this article to know why these colleges are hard to get into and get tips and strategies to help you get into the hardest colleges to get into.

These schools are the best; it would feel good to study in the most popular and best college nationwide, won’t it? These colleges use some measures to gauge the student. Most people think that the only gauge used is the grades. There are other measures other that your grades that could help you get your way into one of the hardest colleges to get into in USA. Athletics and extracurricular activities also play a role in boosting you chances of getting in to the hardest colleges to get into. If your sport is skating, to complete your swag, you can find the perfect pair of skates at https://www.skates.com/. It may sound funny but it is possible for a student with low SAT and GPA points yet is talented in one or more sport games to get into one of the popular colleges while someone with average points in SAT and GPA fails to get a chance to be enrolled into these colleges. To help support your studies, you might as well make us of your knowledge in sport and do some sports betting at oncapan.com.

These colleges are at times referred to as the Ivy League. They are prestigious and are recognized worldwide as the best of all the colleges. These schools are attended by some social elites and children of brokers of power. Other hardest colleges to get into are Oxford, Eton and Sorbonne. However these colleges are relatively cheaper to get into compared to Harvard and the others. Harvard College is the most difficult college to get into in the USA and throughout the world. Everybody loves something that is good and of good quality, as a result most students apply for admission in this college. Unfortunately less than 7% of the applicants for Harvard get the chance to be enrolled in the college. The second college on the list of the hardest colleges to get into is the Yale. It accepts about 7.5% of the applicants made by students annually. Several presidents, titans of industry, and world icons have studied in this college. The Duke University is another college among the list of the hardest colleges to get into. It is located in North Carolina State in Durham and has the best post graduate programs in the country.

There is more to whether or not you can get into colleges however. We will discuss some tips that could be of help to you who want to get in to one of the listed as the hardest colleges to get into. Before applying into these colleges with big names, you need to know the course you want to take in college. Some of these colleges may not offer the course you want to take. According to me there is no need to use most of your finances to do a medical course or any other course in these colleges while you can spend less and get the same skills in other relatively cheaper colleges. However if you are well able to pay for the fees in this colleges, you will get the best skills in the course and at the same time get contacts and networks you need to be at the vanguard of your field.

Harvard College is known to produce professional doctors. These schools are well equipped with all facilities needed for you to be a good doctor, lawyer or any other field. Some people want to go to these colleges labeled as the hardest colleges to get into so as to satisfy their ego. What I would advice any student who wants to go to these colleges is to go to these colleges to study and not to satisfy his/her ego. Ensure that your GPA points are closer to 4.0. Your SAT scores will also be of great help during application to the hardest colleges to get into. Start preparing for the Sat examinations some 2-3 years before sitting for the test. This will help you to be familiar with the kind of the questions to expect and to be well prepared.

You could also look for other ways to impress the board of the college you want to get into. Write a good admission essay that will impress the administration board involved in interviews. The essay should be unique, creative and should portray you as an intelligent person for you to be considered for a vacant in the college. You could also get a recommendation letter from a well known professor or principle of the school you attended. With these tips you will be able to beat the set measures to get into these hardest colleges to get into. I positive mind and courage could help you; it is true that whatever your mind can perceive it can achieve. In case you are called for an interview you should be punctual and show confidence. Fear could ruin your chance of getting into a prestigious college.

When you get to one of these prestigious and hardest colleges to get into do not lose your focus. Know what made you go to that college and work hard to fulfill it. All the best in your studies as you sail the boat of your life to success. I am confident that if you will follow the facts stated in this article you will be among the 7% applicants joining Harvard and other prestigious colleges in the USA.


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