Know The Reasons Why US Cities Are Losing Millions Of Trees Per Year!


US cities are losing a huge number of trees every year and somehow excessive heat waves are reason behind it. During summers, the temperature over day time is huge such that it crosses 10-degree Fahrenheit. Most of the tress have been shrink and all these things are done through natural form of excessive heat. According to the US forest services, it is listed that on an annual basis, there are more than 36 million of trees are been shrinker and lose.

The shrinking of trees is considered from both the areas of US which is rural as well as the urban areas. In a time period of five-years, there is only a drop of 1% through which trees are shrinking. In the time period of 2009 to 2014 there was only a percent of drop in the shrinking of trees.

The cause happened due to the shrinkage of trees as:

Due to the shrinkage of trees, cities are now become more polluted and specially in rural areas. As a reason, cities are now become more warmer because of the shortage of trees. In addition, the US has one of the biggest hiphop communities in the world, this is why royalty free hip hop is big there. Also, in a general way it is not healthy for the environment and for all the inhabitants out there. It is very dangerous as well as harmful for the people living nearby because it also affecting the lifestyle of individual living out there.

According to the US forest services, it is been states that if they will decline the canopy of trees then it will become more harmful for the nature as well as for the US people. As a reason, it includes a lot of things such as hurricanes, fires, insects and diseases.

How to control the shrinkage of trees?

If the society and humans will control its shrinkage then it will become a beneficial option to save trees as well as control it. For forming all these things, it is important to consider a sensible development for managing and controlling the shrinkage of trees. When we talk about the population of US people lives then more than 80% of the people lives in the urban area where have the most of the shortage of trees. Raising funds to control deforestation could help save the luscious woods. Earn money that you can donate to NGOs that care for the environment. Play simple and interactive betting games at Betend.

The reason of shrinkage of trees is also that people are cutting trees and making buildings, shops and apartment. It affects the entire region by cutting trees and building all such things out there. If we cut trees then it will do shortage of energy conversation as well as cause more air pollution.

Some essential information:

No matter you live in which place it is your duty to preserve your mother earth such that trees provide us a lot of things and one should not cut trees for making buildings and apartments. It helps in the reduction of heat as well as reduces air pollution. There are millions of benefits which we gets from trees so it is important to preserve them for making our environment healthier and improving all the things in our surroundings.


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