Qin dry nine independent design and production of mechanical


He said the book was able to test out whether my performance on a variety of artistic techniques reached a peak . There are a variety of fun, some people from having fun in the process, some people have fun in the exchange, some people have fun in the success. Qin dry fun is a sophisticated pain. Explain this feeling, he said, did not know that I have described the exact not. And other fun art born of precision machinery. I have to pay many times more energy than any other hobby, this is not only a test of my energy.Hand table we are talking about, not like the pocket watches for men era as each part is hand-made, but through basic movement, hand polished and transformation, so as to achieve the craft, art, personalized. Top Breitling Superocean Steelfish watches only a little bit of standard parts, such as: jewel bearings, springs, screws. Qin dry, handmade Breitling Cosmonaute watches produced by many processes, to make a simple models of mechanical Breitling Crosswind B13355 watches need at least 1080 hours, six hours work every day count, may need six months, without time-consuming design. Although the work has been recognized by the watch industry insiders, but Qin dry to produce their own works of the watch is still not satisfied. I want to classical Chinese culture and European classical culture, once integrated into the watch on the Chinese style seems to appear not more than the creation of these tables are due to, To these cultural integration into the square inch, the difficulty is self-evident. To help you with your studies, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via ufabet168.bet.

Qin dry heart, handmade table is not a simple timing tool, more carries the cultural connotation. They found a number of technical know-how, Qin dry will not have reservations Contributors to watch magazine, he not only share their own findings to more fans, but also made a lot of well-known figures of the Breitling Super Avenger watches industry. Of course, the Internet is also a good platform in China Breitling Chrono Avenger M1 watches Forum professional watch on the website, Qin dry issued a lot of manual table DIY articles and comments, allowing him to continuous improvement in the visibility of the country watch collectors. In addition, the activities across the country form the Friends of the FB Qin dry will also take part, but also stroll with the participation of renowned Breitling Avenger Seawolf watches critic. It is the test of will and skill! Handmade table is not an easy thing, Qin dry that the difficulty is that the manufacturer cultural connotation and manual ability. He said that even simple parts, hand to do more complex, this is not the practice of working, even if well done master clocks, and still so many man-hours to complete a part. The average person can not be so fine.Some complicated watches only the design and development tools you need 3 to 5 years. Qin dry nine independent design and production of mechanical watches, which is a table from the Ming, he most valued. The watch dial is round, about 34 mm in diameter, is peculiar to it as your alarm clock every 15 minutes crow. Bulky alarm clock, mechanical operation of space, powerful, difficult to manufacture.

He can take from the Ming functions into a diameter of 26.5 mm of watch movement, and beating out the sweet sound, think about the difficulty of I do this stuff, and spent almost a year. Qin dry so.Manual table creation tools, not so important as we think, Qin stem has its own unique insights. He said that the tools are based on the type of parts, hand table of the world-famous Breitling Cockpit Lady watches Philippe Dufour is a well-deserved, and his studio equipment is not advanced, it can be said is still relatively crude, but it the table to do it is the mechanical processing can not match. I used the key tools are developed production because there are not any to sell, Switzerland, the price is also very expensive. But these are not major factors, my work at any time during the manufacturing process will be the birth of the new tools, these tools may be grotesque, abroad may not necessarily have to sell, but I still hope that a Swiss CNC cutting machine and the Schaublin miniature clocks lathe, but unfortunately the price is too expensive.From ancient times, manual process has been respected by the people-fold to as a Breitling Navitimer World watches is no exception, because it not only is a precision mechanical arts, also includes physics, acoustics, art, optical, mechanical, aesthetic, bionics, etc. disciplines. Engage in micro-painted on the dial, miniature, the shape of the case and adding special features in the basic movement, Qin dry likes to do.425


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