Qualities that Women Love


Platinum Visa? Big Bank Account? VIP card to high end department stores? Big Muscles? Those are ok but in order to get a woman to feel attracted to you and have sex with you, you need to make her feel good. Look at dating like buying and selling, when you are dating a potential mate you want them to be for example fun, adventurous, stable, little wild, intelligent and have good morals. What do these qualities have in common? They are all positive, nobody would want a woman who is unstable, psychotic, has no interest in your personality and tries to ruin your life because all those qualities are negative.

In order to become a success with women you will have to cultivate positive qualities (sell) that will attract a woman to you.(buy) Now you are probably thinking what those qualities are? So I’m going to go into a small list of what qualities woman cannot help but find attractive in a man.

Sense of Humor:

Sense of humor was rated the number one quality by women second to only to honesty. A man that can make a women laugh can have her instantly attracted to her.

Laughter disarms women’s defenses and drops her guards, making her feel really good and because she is with you, she associates that state with you. If you had to have only one trait from this list having a great sense of humor that can make a girl laugh would be it!


Confidence is very sexy to women because it makes a women feel secure and protected. A confident person is not the kind of person who seeks approval from others but the kind of person who is comfortable in his own skin and surroundings. Women do not like men with huge egos, either. They just do not like wimps. If a women feels validated, and respected by you she will let her guard down. If she feels pretty in your eyes, that makes her feel more sexy and charming. Do not give a women false hope tho, if you are not sincere. Usually, they can see right thru that. Women have sometimes been burned before and they want to feel that they are with someone with integrity. Show her that you have values.


Women are naturally drawn to a dominant male who demonstrates leadership qualities. Leading shows that you are confident in yourself, confident enough to care for others and demonstrate the best course of action for the group. Leading does not mean getting angry and then getting your way, instead being a leader focuses on getting everyone’s input and making a decision in which everyone is happy. This also applies to readily being able to deal with conflict yet remain cool about it. You should try to have an equal balance in making decisions about what happens on the date. Maybe you pick the restaurant and let her pick the movie. Don’t only do the activities you like, but be willing to try something new, if it’s something she would like. You will learn something new and get to see her in a whole new light. Women don’t want to have to make all the decisions about where to do, or what to do. Most women can’t stand it, if you never have an opinion about what to do, and always say “whatever you want to do”.

Truly be sincere in getting to know her. Ask about her hopes and dreams, her family, where she grew up. Let her know that she is an interesting person. All people are interesting, if you only dig deep enough. Don’t be superficial and just try to race to the bedroom.


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