The Ugly Side Of Society That Everyone Has To Go Through!


In the 21st century, everyone has liberty and freedom of speech to express themselves freely, at least according to government.  People are still working for something that they are not passionate about and still giving up on their dreams to stick to being successful according to society.

Being societal and having courtesy towards your community is good, but it is not limited to this as there is an ugly side of society that everyone has to go through. We are below discussing what societal ground levels that have made the life of people miserable truly are.

Ugly characteristics of society

  • Being judgmental: you might have heard it is not good to be judgmental, but society doesn’t follow up on this basic rule. People are questioned regarding their dreams and idea of living, which is not really a great thing. It is an adverse situation when you don’t really understand others’ idea of living and call it wrong or impossible or doubt other choices.
  • The violence of liberty: freedom is something that is always crushed by society on the name of different rules. People really have to give up on their dreams; what would society think of them and their families. Whenever you practice something out of the box, society is the one who makes it difficult for a person to pursue it. For the sake of so-called respect and acceptance that society gives, hundreds of dreams are graved every day.
  • Restriction on feeling: restriction to feel something is a bigger concern that people have to go through. Raising the topics like LGBTQ, mental illness, and awareness regarding equal rights of men and women is really difficult even today. It is all practiced to make everything look perfect without realizing the fact there is nothing perfect in life, and if it is, you are probably faking it.
  • Being considerable to materialism: society is highly considerable regarding materialism despite the fact that we study materialism shouldn’t be our focus; people do focus on it more than anything. A noble person is disrespected for not having enough money, whereas sinful people are appreciated.

These are some of the points that exhibit the ugly side of society well. It is a better decision for people not to be suppressed by society instead speak for yourself.


In conclusion, we can say that it ugly side of society is more terrific than we think it is. The idea of society was to understand each other and help in the hard times, but they are giving a hard time to each other. It is a great idea for people to choose to be more understanding of each other as it is not possible that you like everyone, but keeping things real and good is something that everyone should practice. We hope the details stated above make sense to you in learning better about society’s ugly side and understanding how it can become better.


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