Marvel Agent Carter Episode 1, Season 2 – Lady in the Lake: A Review


Introduction to Marvel Agent Carter Episode l, Season 2 – Lady in the Lake

You may or may not share my opinion of Marvel’s Agent Carter television show of last season. I found season 1 to be lackluster and there appeared to be missing an understandable, easy to follow plot. I stopped watching the series after the episode aired where a detective told her, I believe, to step out of the room when they were discussing something since she was just a secretary. After this happened, I decided to stop watching the series. In my opinion, it could only get worst. Of course, this is my opinion and the show may have improved after I stopped watching it.

When Season 2 premeired, I was under the impression the show would continue on its mundane path to mediocrity. However, I’m happy to report I was pleasantly surprised when it did not.

Without further ado, here is my review of Marvel Agent Carter Episode 1, Season 2 – Lady in the Lake. Hopefully you have already seen this show by now so there should not be any spoilers. After watching this thrilling episode, you could unwind and play some fun sports betting games via

By the way, Marvel Agent Carter Episode l, Season 2 was a two hour special television show that aired on January 19, 2016 on ABC.

A Breath of Fresh Air – Marvel Agent Carter Episode 1, Season 2 – Lady in the Lake

The show started with flashbacks of what happened in Season 1, including Agent Carter’s change-over to being blonde, etc. to bring you up to date, or to remind you what happened previously. I was ready to change the channel after the opening scenes, but decided to keep watching to see what the story would be about. Well, to make a long story short — my waiting was well worth it. I’m happy to report that I got good vibes from the beginning to the end of the show.

It really was like experiencing a breath of fresh air when I found this story to be easy to follow and one in which Agent Carter would take a central role in all of the actions. I believe Agent Carter was in just about every scene of this television show – when it was called for. She never stood on the sidelines, in the background waiting for men to take over. It was obvious that Agent Carter was the recognized leader all the way. She really took control, gave orders, made decisions and did whatever was needed to get the job done.

Beginning of Marvel Agent Carter Episode 1, Season 2 – Lady in the Lake

Remember the stylish blue two-piece outfit, complete with the red hat with the striped band that Agent Carter wore last season? Well, you will see the outfit when the televison show opens; however, it is not worn by Agent Carter. The outfit instead is worn by a woman involved in an attempted bank robbery who appears to be impersonating Agent Carter. Of course she is caught and interrogated first by Agent Carter and then by another detective. Before this happens you get to enjoy watching Agent Carter and the mystery woman in hand to hand combat in which Agent Carter emerges as the victor.

Skip a few scenes and you find that Agent Carter is requested to relocate from New York to Hollywood, California to work on another case. She was susposedly hand-picked to do so, however; she could have been sent away to get out of the other detectives’ hair. She objects at first and then finally decides to go.

Middle of Marvel Agent Carter Episode l, Season 2 – Lady in the Lake

Lots of adventures happen during the middle section of the show. Mr. Edwin Jarvis played by James D’Arcy, who seems to be Agent Carter’s right hand man met her at the Los Angeles, California airport and throughout the end of the show would serve as her driver/escort of sorts. There were other actions that went on, for example, Agent Carter met Mr. Jarvis’ wife for the first time and she boldly tagged Mr. Jarvis as her husband by demonstrating affection strongly in front of Agent Carter. I thought she was making sure Agent Carter did not get any ideas about Mr. Jarvis — however; this is my opinion. Yours could be different.

There were lots of back and forth actions in trying to find out if the company being investigated was trying to hide something, which involved Agent Carter confronting a comical, in my opinion, receptionist, who would not let Agent Carter and her partner get to the office. The receptionist lost her attention when the male detective began talking to her. That’s when Agent Carter used the opportunity to sneak past her into the office. I liked that it was Agent Carter who was doing the actions to get into the office, instead of someone else.

Agent Carter would have to face the receptionist a second time when she returns to find a radioactive sign posted on the door — which looked suspicious. This led Agent Carter to do more detective, investigative work to find out what was going on.

In addition to the action and adventure of Marvel Agent Carter Episode l, Season 2, I am a fan of the old-time dialogue, some of the accents, the sometimes catchy phrases, and the overall writing of the show.

I also liked when I found out that an African American doctor played by Reggie Austin was in the television series. Even though the year was 1946, there were not a lot of overt racial slurs. When he accompanied Agent Carter to a convenience store, the manager asked if she was alright and if the “boy” was bothering her. Of course she indicated that Reggie Austin wasn’t. I think this is what would have happened during that time, and even happens today in some places. However, race was not a central issue in the television series.

There were romantic triangles on this show which was included in the subplots. However, the two major objectives, in my opinion, were to find the murderer, if any, and stop an evil company from creating a bomb that would be more powerful than the atomic bomb.

Strange Phenomenon in Marvel Agent Carter Episode l, Season 2 – Lady in the Lake

This case started from the discovery of a woman encased in a large cube of ice, located in a lake. I will not provide the details here, but suffice it to say that something was happening that caused one to change to ice and ultimately disentegrate. This is the comic book angle that I liked, i.e. having something odd, out of the ordinary happen which adds to the investigative work Agent Carter had to do as well as the excitement and suspense of the show.

Agent Carter proved that she was a worthy detective for Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR) in many ways. I enjoyed watching her hot-wire the car during one of the getaways. Usually this is done by a male. When I saw this happening, I knew that Marvel, the writer and director seemed to have gotten it right this time. Anyone could see that Agent Carter was the main protagonist of this television series and remained confident of herself throughout the show.

Conclusion of Marvel Agent Carter Episode 1, Season 2- Lady in the Lake

I will not spoil the television series for you by telling you the ending, but the person you probably knew from the beginning was going to be destroyed — did not make it all the way to the end of the series; while another person who was in the same infected environment did. There was a big explosion and from looking at the preview for next week’s show, one person did survive.

Assessment of Marvel Agent Carter Episode 1, Season 2 – Lady in the Lake

I believe I’m going to enjoy the rest of the series. You probably will too if you decide to watch or continue to watch the show. If you missed the first episode, you can catch it on ABC demand as long as you have cable.

I hope this positive flow of true woman power will continue througout the series. For now, I guess we will have to wait and see.

Rating of Marvel Agent Carter Episode 1, Season 2 – Lady in the Lake


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